Arcana Exhibition at Uforge Gallery

The Arcana exhibit is now open at Uforge Gallery in Jamaica Plain. We had a wonderful reception and many people came out to see the show despite the cold.

See press release below by Alex Kittle.

JANUARY 2015: “Arcana” at UFORGE Gallery

BOSTON, MA – UFORGE Gallery presents an innovative group exhibition for the month of January, titled “Arcana.”

Developed in the fifteenth century for various card games, the tarot deck has become known for its use in divination, drawing from ancient Egyptian and hermetic wisdom. 78 cards reveal weighty symbols like pentacles, swords, crowns, cups, suns, and moons, with regal and mythological figures representing love, death, enlightenment, strength, justice, and other aspects of the human experience. Tarot readers interpret patterns of randomly-drawn cards, relating to the subject’s innermost thoughts and desires, their past struggles, their future triumphs. Inspired by this iconic yet mysterious imagery, UFORGE Gallery called on its members, staff, and other local artists to create their own original tarot art. Each artist was given a card and a 16” x 28” wooden board, a uniform blank slate on which to work in whatever medium they preferred. They were challenged to create something new while working within certain limitations, encouraged to bring their unique aesthetics to the familiar forms of Tarot. The result is a collection of designs ranging from the weird to the traditional, mixing together modern and classical references, stylistic experiments, and transformative materials.

Exhibiting artists: Janella Boudoin, Quenby Bucklaew, Brian Crete, Eowyn Evans, James Flynn, Amy Hitchcock, Marnie Jain, Alexandra Jordankova, Alex Kittle, Christine Ledoux, Kristi Lyn, Liliana Marquez, Anne McCaffrey, Heather Morris, Erica Nazzaro, Cristina Rosa Nelson, Nancy Rodriquez, Tamara Rohrer, Steve Sangapore, On Keong Seong, Ian Tartasky, and Shaanti Williams.

“Arcana” is on view from January 8th through February 1st, 2015, with a reception to be held on Friday, January 9th from 630-9 PM.

About UFORGE Gallery
Founded in 2011, UFORGE Gallery is committed to showing both professional and emerging contemporary artists in a fun, inclusive environment. Their innovative exhibits feature a range of artwork in different media, and their membership collective and professional service programs offer new opportunities for artists to move ahead in their careers. The gallery also hosts the popular Mr. Hip Presents: Reading Series and Figure 1 Drawing Group with Zombie Romance. They are located at 767 Centre St in Jamaica Plain, MA. Hours are 5-8pm, Thursday-Friday, and 12-6pm, Saturday-Sunday.

Contact Alexandra Kittle, Assistant Gallery Director

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