Abstracted Show Opening at Uforge Gallery

November is a busy month for me!

I am participating in a new show curated by Assistant Gallery Director Alex Kittle at UFORGE Gallery in Jamaica Plain.

See press release below by Alex Kittle.

“Abstracted” at UFORGE Gallery BOSTON, MA – UFORGE Gallery presents a special invitational exhibition focusing on abstraction in different media. For most art lovers, the word “abstraction” conjures up images of Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings and Mark Rothko’s flat color fields, or perhaps the lively compositions of Wassily Kandinsky or the minimalist squares of Piet Mondrian. To most, abstraction means a lack of representation, a vision of lines and shapes with no connection to reality. But the concept is in fact much more elastic, especially when used as a verb. Real­world subjects can become abstracted through various artistic techniques­­cutting, flattening, deconstruction, merging, twisting, and obfuscation, to name a few. Collagists may piece together a composition from disparate elements, or to chop up familiar images into something new. Watercolorists may take a sunset or ocean view and blur it into something almost unrecognizable. Assemblage artists and photographers may combine ordinary objects into unexpected figurations, removing the context that we usually associate with them. Painters may take organic forms and transform them into fantastical shapes or strange compositions.

All this and more can be found in “Abstracted,” a special exhibition curated by UFORGE Assistant Gallery Director Alex Kittle, who brought together a range of local artists working within abstract modes, looking for works that warped reality in some way or presented non­objective forms. The exhibition is on view from November 5th through November 29th, 2015, with a reception to be held on Friday, November 6th from 6­830 PM.

Exhibiting Artists: Kasey Davis Appleman, Jessica Aye, Julia Berkman, Daniel Breslin, Quenby Bucklaew, Sam Dionne, Miles Donovan, Barbara Eskin, Christopher Ford, Rebecca Fullerton, Tara Goldberg, Lisa Goren, Sara Gothard, Joe Greene, TD Heavican, Rook Hyde, Marnie Jain, Debra Jayne, Alexandra Jordankova, Christine Ledoux, Emily Manning­Mingle, Liliana Marquez, Erica Nazzaro, Lior Neiger, Steve Sangapore, On­kyeong Seong, Kaitlin Thurlow, Stefan Volatile Wood, Ginny Zanger


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