Welcome to my site.

Printmaking enables the artist to engage in progressive experimentation like few other mediums. As such, my work often explores variations on a visual theme in order to capture just the right mood, or to reflect our own changing perspectives. My subject matter is often inspired by travel, but also finds root in day-to-day life. In pursuit of a faithful depiction, however, I never shy from a slightly abstracted treatment if effective in conveying the emotional subtleties.

I primarily work with etching and, in recent years, have focused on various non-acid methods, including woodbcut, linocut, collagraph, and solar plate, in some instances combining different matrices to achieve the effect I desire.

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3 Responses to Welcome to my site.

  1. This kind of great post. I’m an artist as well (printmaker) annd love to view views and
    understanding like this obtaining a speech online. I’ll stop by often!

  2. qbucklaew says:

    Thanks! I plan on posting about my works-in-progress. I hope you’ll continue to stop by!

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